Quimperlé (Kemperle in Breton language) town of 12000 inhabitants is located in Finistère County, in southern Brittany. Its proximity to Morbihan County gives pride of place among the countries of the Aven and Vannetais : two main musical regions in the breton landscape.

The notes of the famous Mathurin FURIC, more commonly know as Mathilin an Dall (or Blind Mathilin) still resounds in the city streets. Mathilin was a blind musician of the nineteenth century and an emblematic figure of this Aven region. Another famous Quimperlé Name was attached to the Breton culture : Theodore HERSART DE LA VILLEMARQUE, writer of « Barzaz Breiz », manuscript collection of oral literature of Brittany. Quimperlé is at the center of the bustling cultural Breton.

In 1949, the first Bagad in Quimperle, called Kevrenn Duik, was born at the instigation of Robert FAVENNEC and Georges HOTTE, creating one of the first formations of this type in Brittany. In this postwar period, a new musical movement had come into being under the leadership of new wave musicians.

Two years later, in 1951, the bagad ranks at the first place with the Kevrenn C’hlazik (Quimper).

In 1976, the bagad accessed in the first category, under the leadership of a new team, led by Pierrick TANGUY, Jean-Pierre MOING and Jean-Pierre MENEGHIN. This team will be rewarded in 1989 by his first official brittany champion title. An unforgetable competition where musicians and drummers were presented to the public in revolutionary clothes and Republic Soldier uniforms!  Two Centuries after the 1789 historic date….

In the 80’s, the bagad started to open up to other musical genres than typical Breton. The Bagad occurs and recorded with famous Jazzmen, like Henri TEXIER, Louis SCLAVIS, Jacques MAHIEUX, Michel GODARD and Marc STECKAR.

– To listen: Kejadenn the CD is the culmination of this collaboration in 1993.

In 1995, the creation named « Bagadoù du Tonnerre « , in collaboration with the Bagad Brieg (and early the Bagad Locoal-Mendon), presented full concerts to many festivals such as  » Les Tombées de la Nuit » (Rennes), « Les Vieilles Charrues » (Carhaix ), or at the « Villette » (Paris).

At the end of the 90’s,  The Bagad entered in a different and new phase. The musicians collaborated with Pop-Rock artists such as Nomadi (Italy), Celtas-Cortos (Spain), Magma, and Jean Jacques-GOLDMAN, and participated in important productions such as « Excalibur » or « Gaia », headed by Alan SIMON. These produtions including world-renowned artists, like Zucchero or Supertramp.

Thanks to these collaboration, the Bagad was largely inspired to create concert or competition suites, in presenting many tunes tinged with Rock n’ Roll and Jazz.

– To listen:  the CD « Ar Gouriz Ruz » brings together all the facts of this phase of the group.

Between 1992 and 2003, the Bagad organized the « Music Mosaïque » Festival. Bands like  Celtas Cortos, Soldat Louis, Trompettes du Mozambique, Skolvan, and many others were produced.

In 1998, the Bagad growned up,  in creating a new « school » to train young musicians. This school, called Bagadig, obtains excellent results in competitions.

Today, the whole is at full strength of 45 musicians and 30 years of experience among the elite of Bagadoù.

The music of Bagad Bro Kemperle is written like an orchestra, arranged for traditional instruments: Scottish bagpipe, bombardes and Scottish drums.

Through all these encounters and experiences, the Bagad Bro Kemperle has developed a Celtic music in a contemporary landscape.  Its participation in jazz concerts, its choice to alternate modern and traditional writings, has forged a very special musical identity.
That did not prevent him from playing music to dance, to animate Festoù Noz, marches to scroll, melodies to dream…

The music of Bagad Bro Kemperle testimony of a living culture, with its roots and creative, defying the laws of the unified and open to all cultures.

Penn Soner (Musical Direction)

Penn Talabarder (Bombardes’ leader): Jean-Pierre MOING

Penn Biniaouer (Bagpipes’ leader): Gireg HENRY

Penn Tambouliner (Drummers’ leader): Maël PAVEC

Penn Skoidigezh (Percussions’ leader): Jean-MERCY.